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Dear friends!

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Set your foot on to the Gezer Land :)

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Ready to launch! 10 first prints - 5 men’s and 5 women’s, which will become symbolic for Gezer Land. I hope each of you will find a design most suitable for you.

Do not forget to send your photo with a smile and a new shirt :) Welcome to the shop!

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Meet us, Israel!

The first copies of the t-shirts photo-session ready, went to the streets of the country :) Thank you to those, whose smile graced page - positive, cordial, sincere Israelis who are patriots of their land.

Enjoy the photos!

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From idea to implementation

From ideas to sketches, from business plan to suppliers, from hosting to web design. The first steps in the implementation of the conceived have been completed!

Emotions overflow, when thoughts materialize. Starting the countdown :)

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The Idea?

Patriotism - yes! Love to Israel - with an open heart! We are proud, we are happy, we want to tell the world about it.

These emotions have become the ideological basis for the first Gezer Land collection.

For Israelis, for everyone who loves Israel, for our friends and those who support our country.

Feel free to speak openly about this sincere feeling, about how dear to us is this Land!
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