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Shalom friends!

GezerLand Co. started in 2016 with the idea to create high-quality and modern product for the people who love Israel. Now we present T-Shirts with Israeli symbols, created for those of you who are proud of being a part of Israel. This T-shirts collection with original designs is fully made in Israel -  100% Kahol Lavan!

T-shirts with symbols of Israel 

You can wear GezerLand Israeli T-Shirts not only as a patriot during the Independence Day of Israel, but also in everyday life, because it's fashionable! Contemporary illustrations for the T-Shirts were developed by high-class designers. This prints are original and don’t repeat existing prints of other companies.

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Maria Markovskaya, Gezer Land 

Welcome to Israeli T-shirt Store

In GezerLand catalog you will find T-Shirts with famous symbols of Holy Land:

» T-Shirts with flag of Israel

» T-Shirts with Western Wall

» T-Shirt with Magen David

» T-Shirt with Hamsa

100% Made in Israel, Gezer Land 

Let's show the world how strong our love for Israel is!

The project name GezerLand has a special meaning. We associate it with a strength of the people living in Israel and with a colourful life in this country. We believe that Gezer Land’s life will also be full of vivid impressions :) 
If you're interested in archeology, read more about Gezer ancient city and archaeological site located in central Israel.

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