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Men's black T-shirt with the national Flag of Israel. Be proud to wear it! 

100% Cotton. One colour print. Print size: 65*30cm. 

Made in Israel

Flag of Israel

The flag of Israel is a perfect embodiment of benefactors being greatly respected by the Israelites – God’s severity and divine benevolence. It depicts a dark sky-blue hexagram between two blue stripes placed on a white background.

A unique story of origin

The origin of Israel flag is rooted in Jewish traditions and religion. The blue stripes always symbolized the stripes on a tallit – the traditional shawl of Jewish prayer. The colour itself derives from the ancient dye tekhelet, which was described in the Bible many times. Being a specific colour, it was used as a tint of the ritual fringes called tzitzit, which all the Jewish men had to wear. In history this shade is known as Tyrian purple since it was produced by the snail – Murex truculucus. The confusion of tints is explained by the exciting colour change of dyed wool – in the sun this wool seemed bright blue, while in the shade it reminded of royal purple. This fantastic discrepancy explains why in the past many Israeli flags were coloured in saturated purple, while others – in sky-blue.

The portrayal of a Star of David is a widely known and beloved symbol of Jewish people. The hexagram didn’t appear in Jewish contexts occasionally: at first, it was a decorative motif, then it was noted on a Jewish tombstone in Taranto, and in the period of Renaissance there was the book which described the traditional triangles on the Seder plate for the Passover. They corresponded to mystical concepts of Jewish people: Crown, Wisdom, and Insight are above, while other seven are below.

The birth of Israel flag

The story begins in small town Svadish, Lithuania (later it became a part of Russia), where Morris Harris – the designer of the flag lived. The life of Russian Jews was difficult there: they could not own a farm or a land and so he and his family moved to NYC. There Morris became interested in a social group known as Lovers of Zion and one day he decided to use his talent of designer and so he made a flag, banner and decorations for this group. Zion loved that flag so much that other organizations decided to order their flags too. When the state of Israel was established, it adopted the Zion’s flag as the official Jewish flag. It is great story proving that the talent and a sincere wish to do his thing can result in success.

As Morris Harries created the flag with love and enthusiasm, so the Israelites respect and honor their country. The Jewish poet Ludwig August Frankl said wonderful words: ‘These are the colours of the BELOVED country, blue and white are the colours of Judah; white is the radiance of the priesthood, and blue, the splendors of the firmament’. 

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