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Women's white T-shirt with the elements of Israeli Flag: blue stripes & Magen David

50% Cotton, 50% Polyester. One colour screen print. Print size: 20*20cm

Made in Israel

Stunning Israel Seas

Israel strikes not only by its unique traditions, picturesque landscapes, and love of the Israelites to their state, but also by an unforgettable opportunity to swim in all 4 seas in one day. It may sound unbelievable, but it’s possible to reach all of them at the same time, so you may enjoy the waters and peculiarities of each of them.

The uniqueness of the Dead Sea

If you haven’t float in the Dead Sea, then you can’t say that you know everything about Israel. The name of this sea says for itself: there is no any life form in it since it’s extremely salty – that is a unique peculiarity of this place. Besides, its waters contain over 35 various minerals being extremely helpful for skin diseases, pain in joints, and activation of blood circulation. Even the pharaoh Cleopatra knew about the unique properties of the Dead Sea. Legend says that it was she who organized the first resort there. Besides, during her reign first cosmetics from the Dead Sea minerals were produced.

The picturesque coast of the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea lies along the scenic Israeli coastal plain, which extends 116 miles and consists of several areas: the Plain of Zebulun, Hof HaCarmel, the Sharon plain, and the Plain of Judea. The coast of the Mediterranean Sea combines the most captivating and staggering features of a perfect summer rest as for the lovers of well-equipped beaches with sporty lifeguards, so of wild nude ones.

The Red Sea – in olden times and now

The Red Sea is famous for its original location – on the boundary of arid land, semi-desert, and desert. There are some other exciting stories referring to this amazing sea. In olden times sailors used four main cardinal points describing the Earth in colours. The South part of the Earth was assigned to the red colour and so the sea which was between Africa and Asia was called the Red Sea. Today it’s famous for an underwater observatory, amazing pool with dolphins, and a berth with yachts for a rent that you could enjoy great views on a coastline right there from the sea.

The sacred Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee, which is also known as the Kinneret, is the largest freshwater lake in the country. This area is extremely well-known for associations with life and ministry of Jesus Christ. According to the history, it was the place where he walked on the water.

Nowadays Kinneret is the largest freshwater reservoir in Israel. It is popular pleasure resort and so in autumn you may take part in the largest swimming event called the Speedo Sea of Galilee Swim.

As you can see, each sea is so original and unique that it will be difficult to resist their charm, beauty, and a special role in history of Israel. Get absorbed in this vibe by visiting all of them in one day!

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